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We use the Landau theory of phase transitions to obtain the global phase diagram concerning the uniaxial nematic, biaxial nematic, uniaxial smectic-A and biaxial smectic-A phases.

In this way, this paper presents a novel approach for damage identification in SHM systems by proposing the use of the Kappa coefficient as a me...

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However, this characterization hides the irreversible character of the dynamics as well as its influence on the phase transition properties. Entropy production has been revealed to be an important concept for fi...

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To this end we introduce and develop a stochastic formulation of nonequilibrium thermodynamics of chemical reaction systems based on a master equation defined on the space of microscopic chemical states, and este...

La compañía difunde una carta del instituto armado de que identifica al movimiento catalán como "una organización criminal que impulsa la comisión por ataques terroristas"

In this chapter we continue our study of systems defined on a lattice and governed by master equations. However, we address here systems with absorbing states, daniel dantas facebook which are intrinsically irreversible.

Uma vez qual você possua uma ideia por tais como seus more info elementos se parecem, separe-ESTES usando base em como ele olha para os olhos e como isso faz sentido pelo fluxo do funil.

We investigate the nonequilibrium stationary states of systems consisting of chemical reactions among molecules of several chemical species.

We use a lattice gas model to describe the phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals. The phase diagram displays, in addition to the isotropic phase, the two uniaxial nematics, the rod-like and here discotic nematics, and the biaxial nematic.

The project aims to click here develop new methods for identifying structural damage when applied to SHM in composite structures. The proposed methods are based on the Electromechanical Impedance (EMI) along with techniques of digital/statistical signal processing which constitutes the main focus of the project.

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The mixtures of pure substances are quite common in nature. Some here mixtures are homogeneous others are heterogeneous. The atmospheric air is a homogeneous gaseous mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases in smaller proportions.

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